Enjoy Veganuary at The Miller pub in Cheltenham

Yesterday lunchtime my husband and I were very kindly gifted a meal at The Miller on Bath Road in Cheltenham.  In this blog post I will share my review of The Miller.

Both being vegan, we were keen to see what they had to offer as we knew they wanted to promote their vegan food offering this Veganuary.

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a campaign that encourages people to eat vegan for the entire month of January.  By inspiring and supporting those who pledge to take part, they hope to show everyone the benefits of a plant-based diet for health reasons, the environment and the welfare of animals.

It was actually Veganuary that inspired my husband to try a vegan diet.  I had already been a vegetarian for several years and the more I learnt about the health, environmental and animal welfare implications of eating meat and dairy, it became an easy decision for me to turn vegan and cut out the dairy, eggs and honey too.

My husband was not totally on-board at first, but he decided to try Veganuary and felt great!  He’s also watched and read so much more now and is now vegan for all the same reasons as me.  Once you have all the information it’s a no-brainer.

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Vegan food at The Miller Cheltenham

I’d had a quick glance at the menu online for The Miller and saw the vegan burger and knew we’d be satisfied.  We both love a vegan burger when eating out at a pub and it’s usually our first choice.

Once at The Miller we had a proper look at the menu and were so impressed.  There are numerous vegan options.  More than I believe I’ve ever seen on any other pub menu!

If you’re looking for some proper vegan pub grub in Cheltenham then The Miller is affordable and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Here’s an example of their vegan options:

  • Vegan breakfast (served all day)
  • Moving Mountains B12 burger
  • BBQ jackfruit wrap
  • Soya keema
  • Plant-based tikka masala
  • Roasted red pepper & onion macaroni bake
  • Vegan grilled sandwich
  • Vegan nachos
  • Sweet chilli cauliflower wings

That’s not even everything, but you get the idea of the sort of food on offer.

And to finish, they even have a chocolate salted caramel torte that’s suitable for vegans!

Of course, if you want to be a little healthier they have fruit and veg smoothies.  The protein smoothies are whey, so avoid those, but there’s a choice of seven other smoothies that are 100% fruit and veg.

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The Miller Cheltenham Review

So what did we think of the pub when we arrived and how was the food?  Read on to find out in my review of The Miller.

The Miller décor and entertainment

We were really impressed with the pub when we walked in.  It recently had a £350,000 refurbishment and is so vibrant and colourful.

I can definitely see the appeal for students with the décor and offerings.  It’s bold, bright, patterned and pretty crazy in places!

There are numerous flat screens dotted about making it a hip and modern sports bar.

Seating options are a mixture of smaller tables and chairs, long benches and booths.  We chose to sit in a booth which had its own small screen at one end with a Nintendo to play Mario!

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Not only will this bar appeal to students, but my husband was sold and I know my kids will love it too.  They are kid friendly and we will definitely go back with the kids.  I just know they’ll be so excited to sit and play Mario!

However, if you’re planning on having a conversation with your husband then avoid the Mario booth!!

We also spied a shelf stacked with board games and pub games, so it’s definitely a place you can hang out and have fun, as well as have a meal or drinks.

The Miller vegan food

Ben chose the vegan burger and I had originally thought I’d choose the same, but I wasn’t feeling overly hungry so I opted for the all-day vegan breakfast instead.

At the bargain price of £4.45 I was expecting a mini plate, but it was such a generous portion!

I couldn’t finish it and it is definitely a full-on meal size.  I can’t believe it’s only £4.45.  You can even grab a vegan breakfast to go in a pot for just £2.95!

These prices are great and the total of our meal would only have been £23!

We had:

  • Vegan burger
  • Vegan breakfast
  • Sweet chilli cauliflower wings (to share)
  • 2 x Green smoothies

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The fruit and veg smoothies are only £2.95 each which I also think is a good price.  We chose an ‘Avo-go go’ smoothie each which was made from avocado, mango, spinach, broccoli, coconut, ginger, lime and apple juice.

The smoothie was delicious and I’d even pop back in just to meet a friend and have a smoothie or two each!

My breakfast was great.  Just what you’d expect from a vegan breakfast and plenty of food.

The chilli wings were very naughty, but tasted amazing!

Ben enjoyed his burger.  He said it tasted really good.

The Miller staff

We spoke to and were served by two members of staff; the manager I believe and another bar staff member.  They were ever so polite, friendly and welcoming.

It certainly looks like a fun place to work and the staff were happy which always makes a difference when eating out.

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Overall thoughts of The Miller

We really loved The Miller and will definitely return.  It’s great to know there’s a centre of town pub that is kid friendly and has lots of entertainment for them too.

There was an incredible choice for vegans and the prices were some of the lowest we’ve seen when eating out.

There’s a lot of naughty pub grub on the menu, but if you fancy something lighter then they do have Buddha bowls and wraps.  I’m sure the Buddha bowl will be vegan if you skip the poached egg.

It’s also great to discover a bar that sells delicious and affordable fruit and vegetable smoothies.

The Miller will definitely be somewhere we will return to when we fancy a vegan pub lunch.  If you’re visiting Cheltenham then it’s a great place to hang out, grab some vegan pub food and a smoothie and play some games!


Click here to find out more about The Miller!


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