Stop 500 billion single use cups and plant 10 million trees

Yes, you read that right.  We use and throw away 500 BILLION single-use cups every single year.  That’s just a tad over the top if you ask me!  We need to stop relying on single-use plastics like cups and start making more sustainable choices with reusable and eco-friendly cup options.

One company that wants to make more of an impact is GoReusable.  Not only do they sell eco-friendly reusable bamboo cups, but with every cup purchased they promise to plant a tree and they are on a mission to plant 10 million trees.

The GoReusable bamboo eco coffee cup campaign

GoReusable Bamboo Eco Cup This Cup Plants One Tree Buy Online

By purchasing one of their cups, not only do you support stopping single-use plastic cups by carrying a reusable one with you, but you will also have a tree planted per cup you purchase.

“At GoReusable we’re on a mission to reduce the world’s dependency on 500bn single-use cups a year and also plant 10 million trees with our GoReusable Eco Bamboo ‘Plant One Tree’ cups. “

It’s a win-win for the planet.  As they say on their website, you get to:

  • Help stop single use!
  • Help plant trees!

Yes! *High five*

I personally love companies like this that make it their mission to do more than just make profits.  We already support Who Gives A Crap which not only sells recycled toilet paper that is plastic-free, but they give 50% of its profits to build toilets for those in need.

It’s amazing to see more companies supporting great causes whilst also being eco-conscious at the same time.

GoReusable Bamboo Eco Cup This Cup Plants One Tree.jpg

How do I know GoReusable will plant the tree?

They are partnered with the National Forest Foundation which is a registered charity.  This charity is fully audited and checked, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that the trees will definitely be planted.  The NFF are on a mission themselves to plant 50 million trees by 2023.

Is the GoReusable cup recyclable itself?

Hopefully, you won’t want to recycle the cup or throw it away as that kind of defeats the whole object, but I also guess things can break!

The silicone lid and sleeve may be recyclable in certain areas or if not, perhaps they can be used for something else as silicone is not biodegradable.  Another tip is to sell them as spares on eBay or local marketplace groups.  I had a bunch of spare silicon sleeves from my Ninja cups that I never used and I managed to sell them really quickly on eBay!


Where can I use my reusable cup?

Oh.  So many places!  Some coffee shops will even give you a small discount if you use your own coffee cup.  I’m pretty sure no company will stop you from using your reusable cup and demand that you use their non-eco-friendly throwaway cup.  Just take your cup and don’t be afraid to ask.

Here are some uses for your reusable cup:

  • To take your own hot drinks on the go
  • When buying a hot drink at the gym
  • When purchasing a hot drink at a coffee shop
  • At a BBQ to save using plastic disposable cups
  • At a party

Think of all the situations where you will usually be given a single-use cup and remember to carry your reusable cup with you to lessen your impact on the environment!

Where can I buy a GoReusable Eco Bamboo ‘Plant One Tree’ cup?

Whether you want to buy a cup to support their mission or simply find out more information, simply visit

GoReusable Plant One Tree Eco Bamboo Cup.PNG

Happy shopping!

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