Save money on healthy food at UK supermarkets with GreenJinn

There’s quite an old excuse I still seen thrown around when it comes to people not eating healthily.

‘It’s too expensive to eat healthy food’.

Like anything in life, healthy eating can cost as much, or as little, as you want it to.

You can choose the premium, prepared and organic options and you will pay a premium by doing so.  However, if you choose to cook from scratch with ingredients in season and use dried beans and pulses then eating healthily will be cheaper than not.

If you want to discover lots of tips to eat healthily, cheaply, then read my blog post why being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s a common misconception that healthy food is expensive.

Take a banana.  Buying a single loose banana from a supermarket is going to be a fraction of the cost over choosing a chocolate bar as a snack.

A big bag of potatoes will likely be far cheaper than a portion of chips from the chip shop.

And if we’re going to take it even further, then drinking water is much better for you and cheaper than any fizzy pop you might be buying.

It’s all about being wise when it comes to food shopping, learning to cook from scratch and also using herbs and spices instead of buying readymade sauces or marinades.

Another way to cut costs when buying healthy food is to use the supermarket coupon app GreenJinn.

Cut healthy food costs with the GreenJinn app

As well as this blog, I also run a personal finance blog where I regularly share ways to save money on normal household costs, including food.

GreenJinn is one of my favourite apps that I regularly recommend.

save money on healthy food with greenjinn

Many of the coupon apps I use often have alcohol and junk food on offer, but GreenJinn is different.

GreenJinn has a lot of healthy food items on offer every single week.  This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, vegan food and healthier snacks.

I regularly get discounts on organic vegetables at Tesco, frozen vegan food such as Linda McCartney, plant-based milk and vegan cheese.

The discounts range on every product.  It could be 30p off or half price.

How does GreenJinn work?

GreenJinn is a smart phone app so you’ll need to download it to your phone.

Then, simply check the offers before you go shopping at the supermarket to see if there are any you want to use.

The offers refresh weekly on a Monday, so I try to remember to check on a Monday morning.

If you want to use any of the coupons then simply buy your groceries as normal, but make sure you get a receipt.

Use the app to select the items you want to claim the cash back on and upload your receipt to the app as proof of purchase.

GreenJinn will then verify your purchase which can take a couple of days.

Once verified, you’ll see the cash back amount in your available balance.  You can cash out without any fees as soon as you hit the £1.50 payment threshold.

The cash can go to your bank account or PayPal, your choice.

Make healthy eating cheaper with GreenJinn

It’s a great way to save money on your food shopping every week, especially if you like to eat healthily as they always have several fresh fruit and veggies on the app.

Find links to download GreenJinn from the AppStore or Google Play here:

If you are looking for more ways to save money on your food shopping like GreenJinn, then check out these posts on my personal finance blog:

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