5 must-have items in your first aid kit for adventurous kids

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Being outdoors and in nature is really important to us as a family.  We want to encourage the children to have a love for the great outdoors for healthy living reasons such as mental wellbeing and exercise, but also to develop a love, understanding and respect for nature and wildlife.

Exploring woods, forests and lakes sparks the children’s imaginations, encouraging creativity and simply letting them be wild and free, to let them be kids, adventure and have fun.  It’s a break from modern day technology and I love the games they make up from building forts on the beach, to being the king of the castle on a bunch of rocks, to turning sticks they collect into lightsabers!

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Appreciating the natural world through healthy living activities such as hiking, walking and climbing is such a healthful hobby.  With so much to explore outdoors, there is no time for boredom.  Nature is an amazing boredom buster!

Exploring natural landscapes is a hobby that is accessible wherever we are in the UK and cheap too.  There are 15 national parks in the UK and they are all free to explore.  All that’s needed is weather appropriate clothing, a good pair of comfy shoes, snacks and/or meals, plenty of water and a first aid kit.

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Essential first aid kit items for adventurous kids

Outdoor adventuring is great fun with children, but it’s important to be prepared with a suitable first aid kit for any injuries.

Being prepared means your kids can adventure fearlessly without the fear of little trips, scrapes or grazes ruining their fun or ending your family day out!

Here are the items to pack in your outdoor adventures first aid kit for kids:

1.      Plasters

If you only take one first aid item with you then let it be plasters, and definitely not boring beige plasters!

The most likely accident you’ll have with kids running freely outdoors is a trip or fall which can result in a graze, small cut or scratch.  A fun plaster is the perfect remedy to put the smile back on their face and make them feel better.

Plasters are great for providing a barrier between the cut and outside elements.

Choosing a kid-friendly plaster for your outdoor adventure first aid kit should be your top priority, particularly if you have young children.  Safe and Sound Health has a new range of hypoallergenic plasters designed especially for children which are ideal.

They come in two varieties – dinosaur plasters with monsters, robots and spaceships, or unicorn plasters with pink dinosaurs, mermaids and princesses!

These fun kid plasters aim to quickly turn any tears into smiles so they can get back to their adventures and having fun!

first aid kit for kids

2.      Antiseptic wound spray

Antiseptic wipes or an antiseptic wound spray is perfect for cleaning small wounds on the go.  It helps prevent them from becoming infected and can be used before applying a plaster.

3.      Foaming hand sanitiser

Before treating a wound or handling a plaster, it’s important to make sure your hands are clean.  If you’re on an outdoor adventure then you might not have access to soap and water to wash your hands, so an antibacterial hand gel or foaming hand sanitiser will allow you to clean your hands wherever you are.


4.      Tweezers

There’s nothing worse than a splinter to ruin the day, so make sure you have a quality pair of tweezers to remove any pesky splints of wood.  Cheap, blunt tweezers really are no good, so make sure you have a top notch sharpened pair of tweezers that can actually grip the teeny end of a splinter to extract it less painfully and quickly.

5.      After bite

If your kids (or you) are prone to insect bites – some people seem to be magnets for them – then pack a natural insect repellent spray or an after bite pen.  A repellent can be sprayed on before your adventure to prevent insects from biting you.  If you are bitten then an after bite pen will soothe any itching and discomfort.

These five essential first aid items for the great outdoors will ensure small cuts, grazes, splinters and insect bites can be treated so you and your kids can get back to adventuring!

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