EcoVibe review: Easily go zero-waste with these plastic-free cleaning products

Last week on Instagram an eco-friendly business called EcoVibe was suggested to me and I’ve already placed an order! 

Not long ago I was telling a friend how a few years back I had some concentrated natural cleaning products from a company called Ecodiva and they were great.  With Ecodiva I was able to re-use the same plastic bottle numerous times and get their concentrated bottle of natural cleaning solution that I mixed with water to make the spray.  It was great and drastically reduced our cleaning product plastic waste.

It doesn’t exist anymore and I was looking for an alternative as I was getting fed up with the amount of plastic waste I was creating in my kitchen.

I have been buying plant-based cleaning products for the past few years to reduce our chemicals at home and create a toxic-free environment, but I am still conscious of the plastic waste we are creating.

It’s not technically waste as we do recycle the bottles, but we can never really know where our plastic recycling really ends up.

EcoVibe review

EcoVibe discount code 20% off plastic free zero waste

Instagram showed me an ad for EcoVibe and whilst I usually scroll past all the sponsored posts online, this one caught my eye.  It was showing exactly what I had decided I needed to buy.  I swear my phone is always listening to my conversations!

The advert showed me concentrated capsules of natural cleaning products that dissolve in a bottle of water to create the solution.  They were packaged in eco-friendly recyclable (or compostable) cardboard boxes so created zero waste.


Plastic free cleaning products

At around £10 for a pack of 5 sachets, it also worked out cheaper than 5 bottles of what I have been using (Method) at £3 a bottle.  Plus I can stop the plastic waste and keep reusing the same bottle time and time again.  This is much more sustainable and will help in the fight against unnecessary plastic waste.

I ordered a pack of x5 kitchen surface cleaning sachets and also some glass and mirror cleaning sachets.

They also have the green cleaning sachets available for:

  • floor cleaning
  • oven cleaning
  • antibacterial kitchen
  • antibacterial bathroom
  • bathroom multi surface

So there’s literally no need to keep buying plastic bottles of readymade solutions anymore and creating unnecessary plastic waste.

If you need a bottle they sell glass bottles at a reasonable £3.99 per bottle, but I’ll reuse my current plastic bottles for as long as I can.

Eco-friendly washing up liquid alternative

We do also wash by hand which means we get through plastic washing up liquid bottles a lot.  Of course, we have been buying plant-based versions such as Ecover, but it still creates plastic waste.

EcoVibe had a great solution with a dishwashing soap bar!  It’s a bar that can last a whopping 6 months and has no plastic or toxins whatsoever.  It’s also vegan and the remaining water is gentle enough to water plants with.

It’s a chunky size with no plastic packaging.  Just a simple cardboard strip that can be recycled or composted.

Sustainable beauty

The website has cleaning, home, kids and beauty sections.  It’s free delivery if you spend over £35 so I topped up my order with some bamboo cotton bud sticks.  We already use these at home and they’re a great alternative to plastic throwaway ones as these are biodegradable or you can put them in your compost.

There’s a great selection of eco-friendly kids gifts and homewares which are good as gifts or for yourself.  I’ve already seen some vegan soy food wraps which are reusable and will stop us from getting through so many paper food bags or foil with our daily packed lunches.  We’ve already stopped with cling film and switched to reusable pots, recyclable foil and compostable paper bags, but wraps that can be reused and are vegan-friendly sound great for sandwiches!

EcoVibe discount code

I did have a discount code as a referral link, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’ll update this space if I get a new one.

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