Adjusting your life to a new disability

Anyone can become disabled at any time, but it’s not something that many people think about until it happens. When you have a new physical impairment, adjusting to it can be a tough road, but you know that you need to adapt if you want to get on with your life. Adjusting to a new disability can mean a number of things, including adapting your home so that it meets your needs and learning to get around as independently as possible. Things can be difficult, but you can also find a new rhythm in your life as you learn to live in a different way.

Accepting your disability

For many people who have a new disability, learning to accept their new life and perhaps a new identity is a struggle. Big changes are often hard to deal with, and this can be especially true when it comes to your health and the things that you’re physically capable of. It’s important to give yourself time to be sad or angry, and perhaps even mourn or grieve, rather than trying to push all of the bad feelings away. But it’s also necessary to think about how to move forward. Instead of dwelling on what you can no longer do, focus on what you can do, and realise that you can still be happy.

Adapting your life

When you are disabled, there are usually many things that you can do to make life easier for yourself. A good place to start is at home. What changes can you make to adapt your home and set it up for your needs? If you need help with the cost of making changes, there are several things that you could try. If you’ve had a workplace accident, getting in touch with some tenacious mining accident injury lawyers could help you to secure a settlement to cover your expenses. You might be able to access some government grants for adapting your home. Some charities and non-profits can also help you.

Adjusting your life to a new disability

Taking control

Becoming disabled can make you feel like you have lost control. But you can take that control back in several ways. The first thing that you could do is research your disability as much as you can. What does it mean for you? How might it affect your life? Can you connect with other people who have the same disability as you? Next, you might focus on learning new skills and adapting to the changes in your ability. You might not be able to do something in the same way as you used to, but perhaps you can learn to do it in a different way. Being your own advocate will help you to feel in control too.

Ask for help

It can be difficult to ask for and accept help when you become disabled. Even if there are plenty of things that you can do on your own, you might need some help sometimes. It’s important to acknowledge that asking for help doesn’t make you weak and everyone needs help occasionally, even if some need it more or in different ways.

A new disability can have a huge impact on your life, but you can adjust. You might have to do things differently, but you can still keep living your life.

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