4 reasons why you need a home gym

Gym fanatics and exercise lovers need a space to work out at all times.  It’s no secret that those of us who are regular gym bunnies are really missing the gym right now.  It’s our sanctuary, our haven, our place to work-out and de-stress, as well as a place to have a break from our busy working lives and family routines.

So now we find ourselves working out at home instead or in the freezing cold whilst it’s winter, or skipping workouts altogether.  Is there a better way?

What better way to workout in your own home than a home gym, which is perfectly designed and catered to your needs!

A home gym is a great addition to your home if you have the space.  It’s also a great idea if you are interested in working out, but you don’t want to go to an actual gym.

Here are some very convincing reasons why you need a home gym for yourself and how to make it perfect.

1. You can personalise a home gym to your taste

Before getting into the reasons why a home gym is a great idea, the layout and flooring of the gym is the first thing to think about.  Firstly, do you even have the space?

You will need sufficient space to create a home gym, whether that’s a spare room, garage or even a garden room.

If you have the space, then you can get creating.  One great benefit of a home gym is you can choose the equipment you love the most and lay it out as you wish.  You can also decorate the space to your own tastes.

For flooring in the gym, your best bet would be laminate flooring. The reason why is because laminate flooring is a very strong and inexpensive material. It will easily endure the weight and impacts of heavy machinery and weights and you can get these floors installed very easily, even by yourself if you’re a competent DIYer.

The great thing about laminate flooring is the variety of colours and patterns it is available in. You can get nearly any colour and pattern of laminate flooring for your gym to personalise it even more.  It’s also easy to maintain.  You can mop up spills and any sweat from your workouts with ease!

Ideally you’ll want windows for ventilation and to cool down when working out.  A fan at the very least if you don’t have windows to open.

Speakers and a TV are also great things to install in your home gym.  Music can keep you going and TV can be a welcome distraction from the exercise which might otherwise become tedious.

4 reasons why you need a home gym

2. It’s perfect for this time

With the COVID 19 pandemic still ongoing, a lot of gyms and fitness places are closed and you can’t do anything about it for now.

This is the perfect time for you to get started in building your home gym. You will get all of the benefits of a regular gym, but in the comfort of your own home and without the fear of contracting the virus.

No other time can be perfect right now than this, so make sure you are taking advantage of this situation to the max. 

If you have extra time on your hands then a home gym is a great DIY and home improvement project.

3. No need to pay for membership

Making a home gym is a huge investment, but if you think about it, you are also spending a lot of money on gym memberships which are not catered to your needs and fitness goals.

You can also find semi-professional gym equipment for a great price online and you’ll be able to find some second-hand bargains if you look around.  So many people do start exercise on a whim, buy loads of stuff and then quit – so you can snap up their failed efforts at a bargain price!

Eventually, your gym will pay for itself when you compare it to the price you pay for a membership.

4. Zero excuses

Think about it, if you have a gym in your home, you won’t be able to make any excuses for not going! You will have to go to your home gym, because it’s within your premises.

This gives people a lot of motivation to stick to their fitness routine and make exercise a priority in their everyday life.  You can do it whenever fits best in your schedule and in whatever clothes you like!

4 reasons why you need a home gym

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  1. Great article, thank you! I think for some people, the control over one’s environment that being at home provides can really help with exercise.


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