Get a free Abel and Cole organic fruit + vegetable box

I’ve posted before about the many benefits of an organic vegetable box delivery and today I have an Abel and Cole promo code to give you a free fruit and vegetable box in 2020!

Simply use the code below and you can get your fourth Abel and Cole fruit and vegetable box absolutely free, up to the value of £42!

It’s a great way to cut the costs of an organic fruit and vegetable box, as well as getting to try it for a cheaper price if you are new to these deliveries and have been umming and aahing over whether they are right for you.

We started trying Abel and Cole organic boxes at the end of 2014/start of 2015 and we have always been impressed.  We made the transition to organic fruit and vegetables as a quest to lead healthier lifestyles, put less toxicity in our bodies and to better the environment.

free Abel and Cole organic fruit vegetable box promo code 2020

Organic farming should be the norm

Organic farming should be the norm, but sadly it’s become normal to spray artificial and toxic chemicals all over our food as it grows!  Tests on children’s fruit, provided in UK schools, found residues of 123 pesticides in the fruit.  Isn’t that crazy?!

I always think we are a walking experiment for all these chemicals and we and the environment are suffering.

It’s much better to invest in organic food, not just for your health, but also to protect our water supply, wildlife and entire environment from becoming toxic with chemicals over time.  Here are a whole bunch of reasons to choose organic.

Know where your food comes from

Abel and Cole work closely with their organic farmers to know exactly where their food comes from.  They source as much as possible from the UK to keep it local.

Not only will you be supporting organic farming to better your health and the environment, but you are also supporting local organic farmers that are trying to better the environment and practice of farming.

Reduce plastic packaging

You’ll also be reducing packaging waste when compared to buying your fruit and veg in most stores or online.  There is so much unnecessary plastic packaging on fruit in stores, but Abel and Cole pack a lot of hardy fruits and veg loose in the large cardboard delivery box.  Anything that needs more protection is often packed in cardboard punnets.

You can also return all your Abel and Cole packaging to the delivery driver the following week as they will reuse what they can or recycle what they can’t.

Tasty, delicious, organic food

The veg and fruit is always so tasty!  Their customer service is also excellent.  On the odd occasion we’ve received some browning fruit or beginning to turn veg, they have been very quick to sort the issue out with a refund/credit on our account.

Abel and Cole promo code 2020 – get a free box!

To get your fourth box, up to the value of £42, absolutely free simply enter the code BOX20 at the checkout at

This code is valid until the end of 2020 and is a great way to reduce the costs of Abel and Cole deliveries to give their boxes a try.

Abel and Cole always have the greatest offers like this throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them.  They regularly post me new offers during the year just like this.


If your goal in 2020 is to be healthier then this is a great way to ensure you are getting a variety of organic fruits and vegetables in your diet every single week!


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free Abel and Cole organic fruit vegetable box promo code 2020