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When I first started on my healthy journey around seven years ago, I returned to vegetarianism, began to swap junk food snacks for healthier dried fruit and refined sugar free alternatives and changed to a natural beauty regime.  I was first sparked by seeing ‘paraben free’ labels on baby products when we had Bella and started investigating what a paraben was.

It was then that I realised companies were putting all sorts of things in food and beauty products that I didn’t want in my body.  I never thought about companies using chemicals before this and just assumed everything we use is really safe.

Once I started obsessing about chemicals, we soon started buying organic food too.

I read as much as I could and watched as much as I could.

I also stumbled across Deliciously Ella who turned from a sugar junkie to a plant based diet overnight and managed to relieve her illnesses.  At this time I had discovered Nakd bars and was intrigued by them only containing natural ingredients and them saying ‘join the wholefood revolution’.  I started questioning everything I consumed and was researching more and more.

These three things: ‘paraben free’ labels, reading the story of Deliciously Ella and wanting to learn more about this ‘wholefood revolution’ printed on the side of Nakd bars, really set me off on a much healthier lifestyle.

Oh, and there might have been a vein I pulled off a piece of chicken from KFC that made me return to vegetarianism overnight too!  (Then luckily I read more and more and eventually went vegan which has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.)

I tried to get my husband Ben on board as much as I could, but he had no interest in watching the health lectures I found myself addicted to online.  I was amazed by them and trying to show them to Ben, but I guess they reminded him of being back at school and a boring man talking at the front of the classroom!

That was until I discovered the film ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ by Joe Cross!

Win The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Recipe Book

As soon as I watched it I knew this was something my husband would enjoy watching.  There were no long lectures of biochemistry for him to fall asleep too!  It was more of a fun film not set in a lecture hall, but following one man’s journey to better health by swapping his unhealthy lifestyle for 60 days of only drinking fruits and vegetables!

It’s a light hearted film with a serious message.

The transformation of Joe Cross is incredible.

Ben agreed to watch it and thus his healthy living journey with me began!

He pretty much immediately bought a juicer and started juicing and making healthy switches too.

Since watching that film, Ben has watched numerous plant-based and healthy living films.

We’re even both vegan now and the kids too.  We have been on a very healthy living journey over several years and our lifestyles are very different to when we first met!

Enter here to win The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Recipe Book

Win The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Recipe Book!

Win The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Recipe Book Giveaway

So, having been the very first film that sparked my husband’s curiosity into leading a healthier lifestyle, it seemed a great choice for my very first blog giveaway prize on Healthy Vix.

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