Wearing sexy dresses – what’s age got to do with it?

No matter your age – dressing sexy is an attitude not an outfit.

However, that is not to say you shouldn’t pick a dress that accentuates all your favourite strong points about yourself – a trim waistline, great legs, great shoulders, or even beautiful hair can all form part of a great look.

Here’s how to find the right sexy dress for your age and feel great!

Wearing sexy dresses – what’s age got to do with it?

Pick your occasion

Many people believe that sexy means skimpy, and nothing could be more wrong.

Picking a dress that accentuates all your best parts, and makes you feel confident and whole, is the actual answer to the perfect sexy dress.

Respect the line between trashy and classy at all times by balancing out your look. You might have an amazingly sexy dress on hand that shows off your legs – wear it with confidence and love your look, but stay out of skimpy territory by covering up your top half.

What about a dress that shows your shoulders and neckline to perfection? Keep it more modest across your legs, and you’ll have hit the sexy dress jackpot.

Wearing sexy dresses – what’s age got to do with it?

Keep it within character

Wearing something that makes you feel like someone else is not always a good thing, because feeling too far out of your comfort zone can affect your self-confidence.

Wearing a form-fitting sexy dress is not for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. You can still boost your look by tweaking certain aspects of your outfit – swap out a plain t-shirt for a sheer blouse, or switch the trainers for a pair of heels for an instant confidence boost.

Enhance your look with the right makeup and fragrance. The right makeup and fragrance will transform a nice outfit into a sexy outfit. Appealing to multiple senses – sight and smell – will take your look to the next level.

Wearing sexy dresses – what’s age got to do with it?

Makeup is a great way to complete your look if you like to wear makeup. However, if you’re going for the casual, sexy-dressed look, keep your makeup on the lighter side and remember to choose natural makeup with natural ingredients. For example, if you’re wearing eyeliner, go with a nude lip or lip gloss. If you’re not big on eye makeup, give your lip a splash of colour with red lipstick. These techniques can make you look effortlessly sexy.

One perfect way to accentuate your eyes without wearing makeup is to curl them with eyelash curlers each day – it really can make a massive difference!

Pick a personal fragrance that you love. The perfect finish to an outfit is your favourite perfume or cologne. Lightly spritz yourself before you head out to add a bit of extra sex appeal to your look.  Opt for natural fragrances and not those stuffed with artificial ingredients.  Many companies offer essential oil roll ons in all sorts of scents.

Wearing sexy dresses – what’s age got to do with it?


Nothing boosts your confidence than a brand new piece of well-chosen clothing.

There is no better time than now to get rid of that old dress you haven’t worn in ten years, and replacing it with a choice piece that ticks all the boxes to make you feel fabulous.

Switch up your style and the colours you would normally have gone for to create a brand new, fresh look and feel that will give you all the confidence you need to strut your stuff.

Who said you need to be in your 20’s to look smoking hot?

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  1. Lovely ideas, thank you! People of all ages deserve to own their look and feel great in what they’re wearing.


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