Vegan recipes and go-to brands for a healthy chocolate fix

You can still eat chocolate even if you are vegan and even if you are trying to quit refined or questionable added sugars and sweeteners.  It’s so funny that the first thing many people said when I did a whole year of no added sugar (2017) was ‘I could never give up chocolate for a … Read more

21 easy vegan sandwich filling ideas for lunchboxes (without soy or added sugar)

Yesterday I was speaking to someone about how I am now 100% plant based and consume no animal products at all.  Before this year I was vegetarian for 5 years, having previously been veggie as a youngster too, but now I’ve cut all animal products out.  My husband has been meat and dairy free (an … Read more

Getting your 5-a-day does not make you healthy

This is something that I have thought for a long while and it’s a topic that has recently been in the news with some arguing we need 10 portions a day and others claiming just 3-4 portions of fruit and veg are enough.  Both articles claim scientists came to these conclusions, so it’s no wonder … Read more

Why I’ll never eat meat again

When I was an early teen I became a vegetarian.  My mum was veggie and a couple of girls at school were and it intrigued me.  Back then I just went along with the notion that eating flesh was gross and I never really knew much more about it. At around age 17 or 18 … Read more