EU want to ban meaty names like sausage and burger for vegan food

I’ve just received a press release and want to share it with you as I think it is so ridiculous.  I’ve already seen news of this happening on one of my favourite websites called Plant Based News where I highly recommend signing up to their weekly newsletters as you’ll get loads of the top plant … Read more

Tips for moving to a plant-based diet

Eating a plant-based diet is good for the planet, good for animals, and good for your body. But it’s not easy when you’re used to including lots of meat and dairy, as most people do from childhood. Changing habits, especially eating habits, can be hard. In a busy lifestyle, we do loads of tasks on … Read more

Understanding your basic nutritional needs when vegan

Whether you’re already a practising vegan or you’re just getting started with the idea of it, your nutritional needs should be one of the main things you incorporate into your diet. Below are some basic insights into nutrition when you’re on a plant-based diet, and some tips for joining a vegan diet when disabled, which … Read more

NHS urged to remove restriction on non-dairy milks

The NHS has been urged to be inclusive of vegans through its Healthy Start voucher scheme which currently includes vouchers that can only be used to purchase cow’s milk and free supplements containing animal-derived vitamin D. The Vegan Society has written a formal letter to the NHS about its scheme that allows some pregnant women and parents of … Read more

Vegan options should be provided for everyone, say campaigners

The Vegan Society is targeting the UK Government with a petition calling on public sector institutions to provide at least one vegan food option on every menu every day. Campaigners say there is potential for England to become the first country in Europe to enshrine a right to good quality, affordable, plant-based food in law. Offer at … Read more