15 eco-friendly things I do on a regular basis

Being eco-conscious is very important to me and I apply this way of living to my daily lifestyle.  There are small changes I’ve made in my own personal routine and our household to lessen our impact on the environment.  I know what we do is really minor in comparison to governments drilling for oil and … Read more

How to lose weight and maintain it naturally

It’s so important to be and maintain a healthy weight, yet I feel the whole ‘weight loss’ saga is a bit out of control.  Too many people are focused on their weight and want to be thin or skinny, but they are not focused on their health.  They want a diet that still enables them … Read more

Top tips to get kids to eat healthy foods

If you’re looking for ways to encourage healthy eating habits for your children then you’re in the right place.  I’m a mum to two young children, a girl age five and a boy age three.  Luckily my daughter has always been very open to trying new foods, even if she assumes she won’t like it.  … Read more

Why is refined sugar bad?

why refined sugar is bad for you

Since January 2017 I have been ‘refined sugar free’.  I have unknowingly made a couple of slip ups (thanks Baxters for changing your lentil and veg soup recipe), but I have tried my best to not consume anything that has sugar as an added ingredient. I had already, long before this, begun my quest to … Read more

5 simple ways to reduce waste in the kitchen

Leading a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has never been more important. We are causing so much preventable damage to our planet and that’s without the whole global warming scenario. I’m not sure whether I believe man is causing global warming or whether it’s actually a natural phenomenon that was inevitable regardless of human pollution. … Read more