The biggest secrets behind losing weight

Something that everyone wants to do at some point or another in their life, it seems, is losing weight. Perhaps this is just a testament to how easy it can be to put on weight, and everyone knows how frustrating it is when you have continually allowed your weight to grow and grow and you … Read more

Is it healthier to sleep with an open window?

If someone could see my Google search history then they’d probably think I was barmy.  I bet a lot of us would be somewhat embarrassed of the things we’ve searched the internet for answers to!  One of my most recent enquiries was to see if sleeping with the window open was healthier or not.  I’m … Read more

5 areas of your health you should always prioritise as a busy mum

Though it really shouldn’t be, it does seem that trying to be healthy can be a challenge for most. It’s something that some people really have to think about, and work on. When you’re a busy mum, it can sometimes feel impossible. You can often find yourself grabbing convenience food, and don’t even start about … Read more

How to lose weight and maintain it naturally

It’s so important to be and maintain a healthy weight, yet I feel the whole ‘weight loss’ saga is a bit out of control.  Too many people are focused on their weight and want to be thin or skinny, but they are not focused on their health.  They want a diet that still enables them … Read more

Top tips to get kids to eat healthy foods

If you’re looking for ways to encourage healthy eating habits for your children then you’re in the right place.  I’m a mum to two young children, a girl age five and a boy age three.  Luckily my daughter has always been very open to trying new foods, even if she assumes she won’t like it.  … Read more