Why I drink distilled water

benefits distilled water

Click here to see the distiller we use and highly recommend! Since January 2018 we have been drinking distilled water, that we make ourselves at our home in the UK. We use distilled water as our drinking water in our home and when out and about in reusable water bottles.  If you’re wondering, can distilled … Read more

4 ways of investing in your family’s health

4 ways of investing in your family's health

More so than ever, it’s time to realise the importance of your health. We all know that living a healthy lifestyle has various benefits, helping to protect from more serious diseases and illnesses, while also helping us live stronger and longer. Living a healthier lifestyle becomes easier when you do it as a family, and … Read more

How to create a healthy kitchen to inspire better eating habits

How to create a healthy kitchen to inspire better eating habits

Eating healthily is so important for our overall health.  To make sure you are inspired to eat healthily it’s important to set up a healthy kitchen. Having a healthy kitchen layout can inspire better eating habits and keep you on the right track to a healthful life inside and out. Here are lots of tips … Read more

Why being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

One question I’m asked a lot, especially now I’m vegan, is whether it is expensive to be plant based.  It’s funny really, as I was veggie for several years prior to going 100% plant based and no one ever questions if vegetarianism is more expensive, but as soon as you mention following a vegan diet … Read more

High cholesterol and blood pressure can hurt your kidneys

Your kidneys are essential organs that filter your blood, removing excess nutrients and waste products from the body. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and kidneys can fail, meaning that people have to go on lifelong dialysis or require kidney transplants. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from kidney failure, so what can … Read more