5 areas of your health you should always prioritise as a busy mum

Though it really shouldn’t be, it does seem that trying to be healthy can be a challenge for most. It’s something that some people really have to think about, and work on. When you’re a busy mum, it can sometimes feel impossible. You can often find yourself grabbing convenience food, and don’t even start about … Read more

My vegan family meal planner and dinner menu

This week I have decided to create a vegan family meal planner for our dinner times… in the evening. I thought I’d better state it’s for the evening as I’ve always called the three meal times breakfast, dinner and tea! When I got with my husband he called them breakfast, lunch and dinner… Of course … Read more

Why is refined sugar bad?

why refined sugar is bad for you

Since January 2017 I have been ‘refined sugar free’.  I have unknowingly made a couple of slip ups (thanks Baxters for changing your lentil and veg soup recipe), but I have tried my best to not consume anything that has sugar as an added ingredient. I had already, long before this, begun my quest to … Read more

5 simple ways to reduce waste in the kitchen

Leading a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has never been more important. We are causing so much preventable damage to our planet and that’s without the whole global warming scenario. I’m not sure whether I believe man is causing global warming or whether it’s actually a natural phenomenon that was inevitable regardless of human pollution. … Read more

How to easily eat these 7 delicious super foods every week

I’m a huge advocate for healthy eating and fuelling our bodies with the most nutrient rich superfoods we can.  I believe poor diets are the number one cause of illness and disease across the world, particularly the rise in type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Most day to day illnesses such as coughs and … Read more