Why being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

One question I’m asked a lot, especially now I’m vegan, is whether it is expensive to be plant based.  It’s funny really, as I was veggie for several years prior to going 100% plant based and no one ever questions if vegetarianism is more expensive, but as soon as you mention following a vegan diet … Read more

The biggest secrets behind losing weight

Something that everyone wants to do at some point or another in their life, it seems, is losing weight. Perhaps this is just a testament to how easy it can be to put on weight, and everyone knows how frustrating it is when you have continually allowed your weight to grow and grow and you … Read more

3 changes for vastly improved health

Everyone wishes that they were healthier, but it is one thing to wish for it and quite another to actually make it happen. If you are keen on ensuring that your health is much better attended to, then you might want to think about approaching the issue from as many angles as possible. It is … Read more

The most effective ways to supercharge your immune system

Supercharging your immune system is something you should look at doing regularly so that you don’t fall ill, ensuring you feel great the majority of the time. You may not always be able to stay away from bacteria and germs, but you can make your immune system strong enough to fight these things off.  The … Read more

Is it healthier to sleep with an open window?

If someone could see my Google search history then they’d probably think I was barmy.  I bet a lot of us would be somewhat embarrassed of the things we’ve searched the internet for answers to!  One of my most recent enquiries was to see if sleeping with the window open was healthier or not.  I’m … Read more