Why I drink distilled water

benefits distilled water

Click here to see the distiller we use and highly recommend! Since January 2018 we have been drinking distilled water, that we make ourselves at our home in the UK. We use distilled water as our drinking water in our home and when out and about in reusable water bottles.  If you’re wondering, can distilled … Read more

Why being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

One question I’m asked a lot, especially now I’m vegan, is whether it is expensive to be plant based.  It’s funny really, as I was veggie for several years prior to going 100% plant based and no one ever questions if vegetarianism is more expensive, but as soon as you mention following a vegan diet … Read more

Smoking is no longer cool: the benefits of quitting cigarettes

I read an amazingly inspiring article this week that said Generation Z think being vegan is cooler than smoking.  If you’ve no idea what Generation Z is then it’s those who are born in the 2000s (I didn’t know, I had to Google it, sounds like a name of another zombie movie to me!).    Being … Read more

3 changes for vastly improved health

Everyone wishes that they were healthier, but it is one thing to wish for it and quite another to actually make it happen. If you are keen on ensuring that your health is much better attended to, then you might want to think about approaching the issue from as many angles as possible. It is … Read more

How to break free from an addiction

Many people suffer with addictions, some of these can be major and widely known for being negatively life changing, such as gambling, narcotics and alcoholism, whilst others can be deceptive in the huge impact they can have on people’s lives due to the fact they are more socially acceptable such as exercise, travel, work and … Read more