Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink?

is distilled water dafe to drink

Water is an essential component of our daily lives, and ensuring its safety and purity is of utmost importance. With various purification methods available, one such method that often raises questions is distillation.  Distilled water, obtained through the process of boiling and condensing, has been a subject of debate regarding its safety for consumption. Is … Read more

Why I drink distilled water

benefits distilled water

Click here to see the distiller we use and highly recommend! Since January 2018 we have been drinking distilled water, that we make ourselves at our home in the UK. We use distilled water as our drinking water in our home and when out and about in reusable water bottles.  If you’re wondering, can distilled … Read more

5 simple ways to reduce waste in the kitchen

Leading a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has never been more important. We are causing so much preventable damage to our planet and that’s without the whole global warming scenario. I’m not sure whether I believe man is causing global warming or whether it’s actually a natural phenomenon that was inevitable regardless of human pollution. … Read more

How to easily eat these 7 delicious super foods every week

I’m a huge advocate for healthy eating and fuelling our bodies with the most nutrient rich superfoods we can.  I believe poor diets are the number one cause of illness and disease across the world, particularly the rise in type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Most day to day illnesses such as coughs and … Read more