Save money and the environment.  Get £50 discount by switching to renewable energy company Bulb!

Earlier this year we made the switch to a 100% renewable electricity energy company (10% green gas) and I’m so pleased we did.  It aligns more with our beliefs and our own journey of trying to lead more natural and eco-friendly lives.  Read on to discover the benefits of joining Bulb and how to get a £50 discount as well as save money on your energy bills.

Help the planet with renewable energy

I think the best thing about switching is that we moved from a non-renewable energy company to a much greener renewable energy company.  It’s probably even better to switch and pay a bit more as an investment in the environment, but surprisingly Bulb say they are cheaper than the Big Six energy companies, so it’s actually cheaper to be eco-friendly!  There really is no excuse and for this reason, everyone should make the switch.  They also support small independent renewable energy generators across the UK which is nice to know.

‘Every year, the average Bulb member saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s the same as planting 655 trees.’ – Bulb

That’s an incredible amount of CO2 to prevent from entering the atmosphere, just by switching to a greener energy supplier.


Make a big saving on your energy bills

Energy bills are one of the biggest outgoings we have, especially in winter.  Ours can hit £200 per month in the depths of the cold winter months.  That’s quite a chunk out of our wages.  With this in mind, any saving is welcome!  Using Bulb’s online calculator and entering our existing tariff I was able to see that we could save £264 per year compared to our existing provider!  Yes please!  That’s a lovely saving.  They say they are 15% cheaper than the standard Big Six plans and most people can save over £200 per year.  We used a price comparison site to find a new supplier and Bulb gave us the largest saving.

Save money and the environment.  Get £50 discount by switching to renewable energy company Bulb!

Bulb will even pay your exit fees

Yep.  There’s not even any need to wait until your current tariff ends as Bulb will cover any exit fees from your current provider!  It takes only a few minutes to make the switch and Bulb will take care of everything.  You simply need to send them a meter reading and they’ll take care of the switch.

Save £50 on your first bill

(and future bills if you refer your friends)

If you sign up with our referral link then your account will be credited with £50.  Once your signed up you can share your own referral link which gives your friend £50 credit and you too!  Please sign up with our referral link here and thank you in advance.  Enjoy your £50 off!

Save money and the environment.  Get £50 discount by switching to renewable energy company Bulb! Referral

I’m so pleased we made the switch.  Before this we just stuck with the same energy supplier for years, not realising how much we could save or that greener energy was now so much more affordable.

Here’s the link to sign up:

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