Safety tips for online dating

Since the pandemic, online dating is booming, according to many online reports.

Singletons are seeking companionship as they feel lonely in isolation and lockdowns, as well as many keen daters having more time on their hands to search for love.

Online dating is fast becoming the normal way to meet a partner and whilst it’s widely used and now accepted as a great way to look for love, being online there are sometimes some drawbacks: the main drawback being you never really know who you are messaging at first.  People can fake pictures and profiles so there is always a risk of being scammed or lied to.

It’s really important to stay safe when dating and meeting people you don’t know.  To make sure you don’t fall victim to a fraudster and keep yourself safe online, here are some tips to help you avoid online dating traps.

How to stay safe when online dating

Here are some quick safety tips for online dating:

Safety tips for online dating
  • Don’t give out too much personal information.   They don’t need to know your address or real phone number.  You can chat securely via a dating app until you are comfortable to progress, but they still don’t need your personal information just yet!
  • When ready to progress, take it to video chat.  Ideally use a dating app or website that has this feature built in.  Video chat allows you to see the person in real time so you know they match their profile photo!
  • Do your research and check out their name on Google and any social media profiles you can find for them.  Make sure they are who they say they are.
  • When you are confident you want to meet and progress, then you could share phone numbers or contact each other via phone using an app.  Talk to each other by phone, have some conversations and then when you feel comfortable, arrange to meet.
  • When meeting always tell someone else where you are going, what time and any details you have about the person you are meeting such as their phone number and workplace.  Let this person know you get home safely afterwards!
  • Meet up in a public place and either drive yourself or take public transport.  There’s no need to give them your address or to let them pick you up.  To avoid going too far you can choose local dating sites like Lincolnshire dating or wherever you are based to keep things within your local area where you are familiar with transport and locations.
  • Don’t get drunk! Whilst you may want to have a drink to calm your nerves and help the conversation flow, don’t drink too much or ideally nothing at all.  Especially don’t drink if you are driving, but even if you’re taking public transport you need to make sure you don’t make yourself vulnerable by getting drunk with someone you don’t really know yet.
Safety tips for online dating

Avoid scammers

It’s also really important to avoid scammers.  Never ever send money to anyone you don’t know, such as those you have been talking to via dating apps.

Warning signs of a scammer on a dating app include money requests, moving too quickly, people with sob stories that pull at your heart strings.

Even if you’ve been talking to someone for a long period of time on a dating app, do not send them money!

Someone who is genuine on a dating site will not ask you to send them money.  Not ever!

Final thoughts

Online dating is fast becoming the norm when it comes to dating and finding love.  It’s no longer got a stigma attached to it like when it first came on the scene.  However, just because it’s now a popular way to find love, you shouldn’t let your guard drop.

It’s vital you follow online dating safety tips to stay safe and never ever send anyone you’ve met on a dating app any money.

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Safety tips for online dating

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  1. Very important advice, thank you. It’s easy to forget these things when excited to meet someone new, but it’s the time when it’s most necessary to remember them.


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