Mistatera review: taking CBD oil for health and balance

I was kindly gifted the Mistatera CBD oil featured in this blog post.  

One question that I have always wondered about CBD oil is whether it can be taken even if you have no health complaints.  Luckily it’s something that CBD brand Mistatera have answered for me and I’ll share with you how CBD oil can help with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as improving mental health.

Go back two years and I began to see all the hype about CBD.  I first watched a docuseries online called The Sacred Plant which exposed the many medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant, but also how it was unfairly suppressed to give rise to modern medicine and synthetic drugs that could be sold for profit.

I was amazed by the docuseries as it uncovered something I had never heard of up until that point.  After watching the docuseries I noticed the rise in CBD businesses in the UK and began to notice articles popping up all over the place touting its many benefits.  What followed was a rise in businesses selling this miracle CBD product for all manner of modern health complaints.

I took note and inspired by what I had seen and heard I purchased two bottles of CBD oil from online companies.

The thing was, I didn’t have any health complaints.

I felt like the oil had so many health benefits that it had to be healthy for me to take, surely, but try as I might I could not find any evidence online or article to suggest taking the oil as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I could only find articles suggesting its use to relieve symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, epileptic seizures, inflammation and anxiety disorders.

As I was not taking the CBD oil at the time to relieve any symptoms, I had nothing to measure their effectiveness against.  I did not know if they were helping my health in other ways as I could not find the information I sought online.

I finished the two bottles I had purchased and I stopped taking CBD.

My interest in the product did not end there.  I was always drawn to health related articles that spoke of CBD and it was hard to miss the buzz of CBD all over the internet and in health food stores!

Mistatera CBD review oil 5%

Can Mistatera CBD oil to relieve stress and low moods?

It was approximately two years ago that I stopped using CBD, but I recently began to think of taking it again as I suffer with stress, depression and anxiety.  These symptoms that can be attributed to work related stress and lifestyle stress worsen in the winter months due to seasonal affective disorder.

Whilst I have found relief in regular exercise, good nutrition and cutting out toxicity from my life, I still can’t fully escape this negative side of my mental health.  It rears its ugly head in full-force over the winter months and makes half the year a terrible time to be inside my head and probably to be around me.

Last year I attempted to ease the SAD with a daily dose of vitamin D, but after around 18 months of taking vitamin D supplements, they have not put a stop to the low moods I suffer in the winter months.  I need actual real daylight and my body craves it during the winter.

Working from home also begins to take its toll in the winter months.  I love working for myself, I’m an introvert and I’m highly motivated and not easily distracted from work, but in the winter it can become very trapping to be indoors all the time and mainly in one location.  The lack of daylight hours, and inability to get outdoors into daylight after the working day is done, allows cabin fever to creep in.

I wonder whether CBD oil can now help me through the winter months by making me more internally balanced and at peace with myself.

Experts have found that CBD can help to improve your mood from the inside out.  It can help balance your body to cope better internally with external stressors which will in turn stabilize mood.  This is definitely something I can do with!

CBD can also aid mood by helping to combat depression.   CBD may interact with receptors in our central nervous system and may be able to alter serotonin levels.  Low serotonin levels can cause depression as well as anxiety.

CBD works with our bodies to maintain homeostasis.  We have an endocannabinoid system in our body that the cannabinoids work with to uphold this internal balance.

I have reason to take CBD oil nowadays, but I still wondered whether it was a valuable supplement for those who had no physical or mental health complaints.  Did it benefit me when I took it previously without any health issues?

Mistatera CBD review oil drops 5%

Mistatera CBD oil review

I was rather pleased when Mistatera contacted me to try their CBD oil as I had already been thinking about giving CBD a go to improve my mental health.  They kindly sent me a bottle of their 5% CBD oil to sample and I’ve been taking it for three weeks now.

I don’t believe it’s something that will instantly work if you’re looking to improve symptoms as you need to build up the CBD in your system and activate your endocannabinoid system.   Some websites suggest it can take anywhere from one week to one month to start experiencing results.

I’m certain I’ve began to feel some results such as a more stable mood (excluding child related stress!), improved focus in the day and a benefit I wasn’t expecting was reduced appetite.  Usually I never get full, I just never seemed to have a full switch, but in this third week I have left food on my plate several times and been too full to eat more.  Believe me, this never usually happens!  I normally out-eat my husband.

I’ve even been snacking a lot less during the day.  The only thing I’ve been doing differently is taking CBD oil, so it must be suppressing my appetite.  This is not a bad thing at all and a welcome effect!

In fact, CBD has many benefits for the body, so if you start to take it then you can benefit in more than one area.

As an example, here are 10 popular benefits of taking CBD oil:

  1. Decreases chronic pain
  2. Reduces anxiety
  3. Reduces depression
  4. Reduces inflammation
  5. Can improve skin
  6. Supports weight loss
  7. Improved heart health
  8. Aids gut health
  9. Can relieve epilepsy and prevent seizures in children
  10. Can improve sleep quality

So whilst you might be taking it to relieve anxiety, you could see improved acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It has so many powerful healing properties that you might benefit from more than just one.

I’m very pleased so far with my Mistatera CBD oil experience and I hope things will improve even more.  I feel like my body wants the CBD oil and it’s become an easy habit to take a few droplets each morning.  I even look forward to it.  It’s as if my body wants it.

Mistatera CBD review

Taking Mistatera CBD oil to maintain balance and health

Back to my original question at the back of the article – does CBD oil have benefits as a health supplement for healthy people?

Mistatera are the first brand that I have seen acknowledge this query.  In fact they started their brand with the aim of using CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle and not just to address health complaints.

They believe CBD should be used to balance the body and mind in everyone.

It has so many powerful health benefits that it can prevent many conditions with its healing properties, so why should we only reach for a bottle when we have a health complaint?  Prevention is always better than cure.

They believe we should take CBD oil in conjunction with exercise, a nutritious diet, quitting bad habits and getting plentiful rest to improve our quality of life now and forever, not just when we get a health issue:

“Nowadays the media is full of articles surrounding the benefits of different cannabinoids, explaining how they can help or even cure certain medical conditions. But we have not found one suggesting the use of CBD for the prevention of such conditions.

We thought to ourselves – isn’t prevention a smarter solution?

Do not wait for a medical reason to bring cannabinoids into your body. Use them regularly to keep your mind and body balanced. Make them a part of your lifestyle.”

Finally, an answer to my question and exactly what I thought!  As a powerful anti-inflammatory it makes sense that CBD can help to prevent disease and with its aim to provide homeostasis it will help to regulate our moods, bring an inner peace and even happiness.

I’m at the start of my CBD journey, but I am excited to continue and reap the many benefits of this amazing healing plant.

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Mistatera review_ taking CBD oil for health and balance

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