Medical cannabis: 5 best strains that’ll melt away your anxiety

The cannabis market— both medical and recreational, be it legal or illegal is estimated to be $61 billion. However, there are approximately 5,461,491 state-legal medical marijuana patients in the United States, according to Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). 

The approximate number of citizens suffering from anxiety-related disorders is 31.1% of the total population. Patients can have a tough time picking the best cannabis strain on the market with over 3000 strains available.

Types of medical cannabis strains

There are two main strains of Medical cannabis; Indica and Sativa.

Indica Vs. Sativa

This type of strain, Indica,  is characterized by having broader leaflets and bushier and shorter stems, Sativa, on the other hand, is a thin and tall plant with narrow leaves.

Sativa takes between 10-16 weeks compared to Indica, 8-10 weeks flowering time.

However, the THC levels on Sativa are higher than Indica, thus increasing patients’ energy, focus, creativity, and serotonin levels. The Indica strain has a sleep-inducing and relaxing effect, giving calm by relieving stress and nausea.

Hybrid Strain

A hybrid strain is a result of combining both the Sativa and Indica. Researchers’ efforts in combating various ailments prompted the development of thousands of strains in a bid to find a suitable product.

How To Choose The Best Medical Cannabis Strain Suitable For You?

  • Knowing the aroma and flavor of the strain is essential before purchasing, as you’d want a strain you can savor.
  • Pick a robust and bright-colored weed and not one that appears overly dry or tinged brown. 
  • Also, a weed with many crystals on it or buds with stickiness means it’s high-quality hemp.
  • Keep in mind that your selection should be well informed and in line with your condition and the THC and CBD levels that’ll be beneficial.
  • Be sure to pick your cannabis from a well reviewed and reputable companies, thus avoiding CBD scams and cannabis scammers.

5 Best Medical Cannabis Strains To Ease Your Anxiety

Taking into consideration the characteristics of a suitable strain, let’s highlight the best pick for anxiety.

  1. White Widow

With a CBD level of 0.2% and THC level between 18%-20%, this is a highly potent herb, and novice cannabis users should take precautions by consuming low quantities. This strain — a hybrid of South American Sativa and South Indian Indica, is endearing to patients with PTSD and anxiety.

The reason it’s popular among this caliber of patients is because of the euphoric, full-body high with giggly and energetic attributes.

  1. Sour OG

The delight of this strain makes it popular among recreational and medicinal users; having a 13-17% THC level appeals to both genres, as side effects are unlikely. Its THC level makes it excellent to relieve anxiety and stress.

Before giving a body stone relaxation, it gives you that head high that keeps you alert and not slumber. It’s a blend between Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

  1. Harlequin

Unlike White Shadow, a Sativa strain with high THC, Harlequin has exceptionally high CBD levels compared to THC, with a ratio of 5:2. This Strain’s CBD and THC levels are between 8-16% and 4-7%, respectively. Which makes its high CBD levels counter the THC paranoia and thus makes it very effective in treating anxiety and pain.

The patient will get relaxation without having to endure the intoxication or sedation. It’s a blend between Swiss and Thai landrace and a Nepali Indica, Colombian Gold.

  1. Sour Diesel 

This cannabis strain–with a diesel aroma, is one of the most demanded hemps which is readily available in legal marijuana dispensaries. Patients prefer this Sativa strain because it’s able to relieve stress, pain, and depression.

It’s a blend between Super Skunk and Chemdawg, which does well in outdoor and dry climates.

  1. Northern Lights

This is a pure breed indica strain that is resilient during growth, which is one reason it’s among the famous cannabis strains. It’s a blend of Thai and Afghani, which gives a relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric effect.

This strain has gained such admiration because, besides insomnia, patients battling stress, pain, and depression can also partake in this strain. 

Seek Professional Advice

The general view by hemp patients is the positive outcome, but remember that results vary from person to person. So it’s vital that you seek professional advice to weigh in the best product depending on the CBD: THC ratio, body mass, dosage, etc.


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