Is vinyl safe for four-legged friends?

Cats and dogs are some of the best companionships you have within a house, rounding out a feeling of completeness whether you have a family environment or not. However, they sure know how to make a mess.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on your floors, with muddy paw prints, scratching at carpets and those little accidents they can have when alone, providing you with plenty of unwanted hands and knees cleaning and scrubbing to get smells and stains out.  If you’re at the end of your tether with pets and carpet then you might be considering hardwood flooring options such as vinyl.

Interior designers often point out that real hardwood flooring is not ideal due to its vulnerable nature towards scratches. If you go in another direction and opt towards luxury vinyl flooring, you find something far more accommodating to your four-legged cuddle buddies. But is it safe for your pets?  Let’s take a look.


If you have your heart set to a wooden floor, you can still have a perfectly replicated look of light and dark woods without the downsides when it comes to pets.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has seen many advancements in protective design over the last few decades that include tough anti-scratch treatments. No matter how many times your pets dart across the floor, your planks and tiles will retain their healthy intended look.

Real hardwood flooring is extremely vulnerable to scratches and can fall victim to being a scratching post also, as well as more stubborn towards cleaning and chippings as the years pass. Protecting your pets’ pads on their feet is always a high consideration and vinyl is the safest product for it.

Non-slip Layers

All pets tend to get very excited on occasion that lead to slipping on the floor. No matter if it is from them greeting us coming home to playful chasing around the house.

This causes occasional slides into furniture and cabinets as well as potential injury to your pets. Luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvanto is layered with anti-slip treatment to prevent your pets’ overly active habits from becoming potentially damaging or harmful.

By also adding full water and moisture resistance they also are protected from any spills that those wagging tails can bring to glasses on your coffee table.

Messy paw prints

The biggest pain in having pets is occasions when muddy paw prints ruin the carpets or wooden floors.

This causes a lot of scrubbing out mud and dirt from carpets and various cleaning products to remove the offending marks, but with luxury vinyl flooring the effort is taken out with a simple mop or quick sweep with a brush, ensuring that there is no risk of discolouration or fade with your flooring from any specialist chemicals.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a much cheaper alternative than real wood flooring and easier to maintain, allowing you to spend more time with your cuddlesome loved ones and reducing your worries and cleaning efforts around them.

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  1. Fantastic flooring ideas here,
    I have had laminate flooring in the past and struggled with the paw scratch marks, the Luvanta luxury flooring sounds perfect.


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