Ideas for thrifty mobility aids buyers

Today I have Mobility Smart on the blog with a helpful guide to buying mobility aids and daily living aids on a budget! Enjoy!

The great news for you, if you’re looking to buy mobility aids, is that within daily living aids, there are many that can be bought for relatively little cost, but providing a big improvement to how you’re able to live and get the most out of life.

Daily living aids help us in so many ways, in the garden, the kitchen, when we’re travelling or enjoying hobbies and other pastimes.

But what about when you’re wanting to save money, what are some of the lowest priced daily living aids and how good are they?

Here, we’ll look at just a small selection, but we’ll give you some links to discover more aids below.

The other good thing about low cost daily living aids, is they make great gifts for your loved ones. Many are great as little stocking fillers that show you’ve been not only generous, but practical in choosing a useful Christmas (or birthday) gift, that will give pleasure long after the day itself.

Half step

half step mobility aid

Firstly, is our lightweight plastic half step. Coming in at well under £20 this versatile and robust, yet extremely lightweight half step can make changing levels easier and safer, in the home indoors or outdoors.

The half step represents great value and is compact enough for easy storage when not in use, or to be used when outdoors or for travelling to make life easier if visiting motorhomes, cottages or hotels.

The Half Step can be placed in front of large steps providing a stable platform. The user can then step onto the Half Step and then progress onto a large step.

This, therefore helps to increase user safety and reduce the risk of slips, trips or falls making it perfect for elderly and disabled users as well as those that struggle to climb doorsteps.

Bread board

economy bread board arthritis sufferers

A great example of a very handy and low cost kitchen aid is the Economy Bread Board.

This device is especially appropriate for those who find it difficult to grip or for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that make gripping difficult.

The bread board allows the user to position the bread and brace it in position using the handy supports so that the slice can then easily be buttered, or jam or other toppings added without having to wrestle with the bread to keep it in one place!

Another low cost, yet highly effective and useful daily living aid that can make a big difference in the home and to the enjoyment of preparing food in the kitchen alone, or for family or guests.

Reading sheet magnifier

Reading sheet magnifier

The Reading Sheet Magnifier is a great tool if you struggle to read the small print often found in magazines, newspapers and books.

This tool simply lays on the surface of your reading material, and you have a magnified view that enables easy reading and eye comfort, absolutely invaluable for those who love to read and don’t like wearing reading glasses.

Coming in at under only £3.00, the reading sheet magnifier represents a really useful tool to be used daily, at a very affordable price!

Ergonomic long handled cultivator

Ergonomic Long Handled Cultivator

Another great example, and very popular with our garden enthusiasts is our Ergonomic Long Handled Cultivator this innovative tool enables the easy reaching to garden beds and pots to cultivate and aerate the soil without over-stretching or risking injury or falls.

Although, a little more expensive at just under £50, (prices correct at time of going to press) we think it’s still representing great value, when you think of the potential aches and strains it prevents, whilst allowing you to carry on doing the things you love in the garden.

Affordable daily living aids to make your life easier

So there you go, some cost saving ideas, just as a taster, if you’d like to see a much greater range than these ideas, then visit our full daily living aids category page here.

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  1. These are great ideas. You’re right that they’d make really good gifts; they look very helpful.


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