How to increase your appetite

Losing your appetite can be such an uncomfortable experience, as without sufficient food you will have extremely low energy levels, and likely begin to lose weight.

It’s so hard to focus on any task when you have an empty stomach, yet not having the feeling or ability to eat a meal can make it so tough for you to provide your body and mind with the nourishment they need.

Medications, emotions and health issues can all suppress appetite and most of us experience a loss of appetite at some point in our lives.  I know I struggle to eat when I am highly stressed or going through an upsetting emotional period in my life.

Whatever the reason, there are several ways that you can increase your appetite in no time at all, and it needn’t be difficult to get started today.

How to increase appetite in adults

How to increase your appetite

Try a daily workout

One of the best things that you can do to increase your appetite is to try a daily workout. There are many theories based around increasing appetite post exercise, so it’s the perfect natural way of improving your cravings for a hearty meal.

Certain sports are said to be better than others when it comes to creating hunger, with swimming being generally top of the list.

If you’re not feeling too energetic because you’ve not been eating then don’t do anything too strenuous.  Even a long walk around the block can be enough to get you feeling hungry again.

Eat little and often

A great way of increasing your calorie intake without feeling too full and bloated is to eat little bits often rather than 3 large meals.

Having smaller portions more frequently will allow you to consume more food without feeling as though you are ‘stuffing’ yourself which can be so common when trying to gain weight.

Even if you eat a handful of fresh fruit and some carrot sticks and hummus every couple of hours in between your usual meals, you can slowly start to increase the amount of nutrients that you are getting fairly easily by using this method.

Exploring alternative methods

There are several new alternative methods that are becoming more popular amongst the masses, so some of these could be the perfect options for you to explore.

First off, CBG related products are getting a lot of attention for the many benefits that they can bring, one of which being an increased appetite.

Understanding CBG oil and other related products needn’t be difficult, as there’s so much information online from both the creators and users.

Hypnotism may also be helpful when it comes to increasing your appetite, and there are many video guides online that can help you to get started.

Drink your food

If you don’t feel hungry and are struggling to chew food then try drinking your calories instead.

You might find it much easier to stomach a hearty bowl of soup or to drink a delicious homemade smoothie, rather than actually consuming a plate of food.

These can be great meal replacements whilst you’ve lost your appetite as you can still ensure they contain plenty of nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies, as well as protein powder or superfood powders to boost your energy levels.


If stress causes you to lose interest in food then look into ways to reduce stress.  Make sure you are tackling the source of the stress, but also practice self-care such as getting enough sleep, meditating and getting outdoors into nature regularly.

Increasing your appetite needn’t be difficult when you can make the most of the top tips and tricks detailed above.

Start off by adding daily exercise to your schedule to burn some energy, and try to eat smaller portions on a more regular basis rather than trying to force yourself to eat 3 large meals.

Reduce stress if this is a driving factor for your loss of appetite and focus on getting yourself healthy both physically, mentally and through good nutrition.

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How to increase your appetite

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