Helping a friend change their life: what should we consider?

Change is inevitable for most of us. But sometimes when it’s someone else that wants to make a change and they don’t know how, we’ve got to help them in some ways without making it feel like we force changes upon them. Sometimes, they can be trouble, but sometimes they need some words of wisdom. If you have a friend that wants to change their life in some way, what can you do?

Are They Running Away from Something? 

Many people move to different countries because they want to start all over again. But the fact is that sometimes people are running away from something because they want to set up a better life. This is very clear in the case of people who have left countries for fear of persecution. In the UK, many people apply for “indefinite leave to remain” status. If you have any friends that are moving here for this exact reason, you can offer the Home Office contact number for indefinite leave to remain support. But sometimes, people are running away from things without having to deal with the consequences. In a political context, we can understand this, but if they are running away from something personal, they have to learn that it will catch up with them in the end. 

Setting an Example

If you want someone to help themselves, you’ve got to remember that people will emulate behaviours and attitudes they see around them. Your friend might be in trouble, or they may not know which way to turn, but if you can become living proof that the path you believe in is entirely possible, which sends the right signals to them. Ultimately, you need to hold yourself to the same standard as you expect your friend to fulfil, and the best way to do this is to set the right example. 

Show Them You Care

Such a simple thing, but if you are trying to help a friend change their life, they need to know that they have a support network in place. It’s not nice to feel that we are out there doing something by ourselves, which is why it’s so important to have friendships that reinforce the idea that we are there and we care. Sometimes, when people try to change their lives, they can get in such a state that they think nobody cares about them, which is especially true when it comes to things like addiction. But if you can take time to show them that you care and that you will continue to care about them, this can give them the courage to move on. 

It Will Be Hard, but There Are Always Ways Around the Problem

There are so many things in life that are stressful. While moving house can be very stressful if you let it, you don’t need to let it consume you. And this is the most important lesson in life, that it is just a problem. If you want to help someone change their life, it’s not about the problem is insurmountable, it’s about having a lack of tools to deal with the problem, and this is a very important perspective we can all benefit from.

8 thoughts on “Helping a friend change their life: what should we consider?”

  1. I really enjoyed reading through this post, very useful.
    I have been a friend in need many of a time and am always helping my friends too it can be really difficult but advice is always listened to and can help.

  2. A really great post. Always best to support your friends in their choices, but always be there to give advice if asked.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great advices. I just love your posts it’s spreading positivity.

  4. I find it is always best to be supportive. Even if it may not be the best choice they are making as long as they know you will always be there for them you are allowing them to make their own choices.

  5. Great advice. Even simply gently encouraging someone to open up, and listening with interest to what they think and feel about their situation, can make them feel a lot less daunted and more capable.

  6. I must confess this is a really good blog post. I want to know how to get my friend out depression. What should i do in this case

  7. Good post!


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