5 meal ideas to keep food interesting while healing from a gastric bypass

Immediately after gastric bypass surgery the recommended diet is bland clear liquids to allow your stomach to heal. But as it heals, and you can increase the texture of foods consumed, the reality sets in that eating is very different now. With smaller portions and several months of soft foods ahead of you, suddenly meals can seem joyless. However, this need not be the case as with some preparation and imagination you’ll find new ways to make mealtimes interesting and delicious post operation.

Purees aren’t always baby food

Purees for babies are relatively bland and unexciting because babies have undeveloped taste buds and are learning to eat. For an adult with fully developed tastes, don’t be put off by the idea of purees being dull baby food. Rather, approach it like a fine dining experience instead. Many Michelin star restaurants serve fancy mousses and purees that are full of flavour and excitement which can be made at home too.

Meal substitutes

Sometimes chopping, whizzing, and creating from scratch isn’t what you have the time or energy for. Ordering in a few different flavours of bariatric protein meal replacements gives you options when you’re looking for a quick meal. With flavours both sweet and savoury for any mood, the products have been designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of gastric bypass patients. There is even an unflavoured option that you can add your own flavouring too, opening up even more options.


Smoothies are an excellent way to get a veg and fruit hit that’s both easy to stomach and taste amazing. Sneak additional nutrients with the addition of powdered super greens (such as spirulina), seeds and nut. Ground flax seeds are an excellent source of omegas 3 and 6, as well as fiber, protein, and magnesium. A spoonful added to a tropical smoothie will delight the tastebuds while providing you with essential nutrients.


When you’re craving a warm meal, a hearty soup is the ideal candidate. From a clear broth for the early days post op, to a silky-smooth thick soup when you can handle a thicker texture. Savoury flavours taste better in warm soup form than in cold smoothie form. While a chunky chowder with a big slice of bread isn’t a viable option, there are many wonderful soup options that work well blitzed to a smooth consistency.

Fruit teas

Drinking plenty of water is vital for avoiding dehydration, and particularly so after bariatric surgery. Fruit teas are a wonderful way to break the monotony of only drinking water. They don’t contain any caffeine so they won’t cause water loss in the like black tea and coffee will. They also don’t contain sugar or sweeteners as they rely on the natural taste of the fruit, which is ideal when you’re under orders not to drink sweetened drinks.

Adjusting to life post bariatric surgery needn’t mean never enjoying food again. By getting to grips with interesting purees, smoothies and soups, mealtimes can still be a high point in your day.

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