3 great hikes near Knoxville

Tucked away into forests and mountains, Knoxville in Tennessee is a city of opposites.  The bustling city life plays against its natural surroundings and allows its residents to slip away to a calm atmosphere whenever they need it.  Hiking is the best way to enjoy these surroundings since exercise also helps our bodies and minds release stress and heal.

If you’re in the Knoxville area and want to get out of the city limits, here are the top three hikes everyone should try at least once.  Don’t be nervous if hiking isn’t usually your thing; it’s one of the most leisurely hobbies to get into.

Ijams Nature Center

Of the hikes on this list, the Ijams Nature Center is the best for beginners or people new to the area who need to devote most of their time to looking at Knoxville real estate.  Not only do you get the opportunity to go out and look at beautifully cultivated plants and wildlife, the crisp air and quiet surroundings help you reset from daily life.  Hikers who take this path say it’s busiest between four and five in the evening, but as long as you go earlier in the day, you can enjoy it without having to be too surrounded by other people.  Although it’s not as physically demanding as the others, this is a path even experienced hikers will want to come back to for the views and ambience.

Ijams Nature Centre

River Bluff Wildlife Area

Although walking on a gravel path might not be ideal for some people, it doesn’t take away from the experience of enjoying the River Bluff Wildlife area.  Hobbyists like bird watchers can enjoy the large array of wildlife that calls the area home: but even those who don’t recognize species can enjoy how beautiful the birds and small mammals are.  Eventually, the sound of the gravel path fades away into white noise, and you’re left with a soothing experience that will refresh your mind and have you ready to take on the world.

I.C. King Park

I.C. King Park hiking area is top-rated by locals.  It has various trails ranging from complex to simpler ones and offers a chance to try everything from walking on piers to walking amongst tall trees.  Despite its popularity, if you time it right in the morning, there are still moments where you can get trails to yourself.

Dogs are allowed, as long as you clean up after them, which will let your furry friend work out some nervous energy if they’re travelling with you.  The average trail ranges from a 45-minute walk to closer to three hours.  Pack a light snack and some distilled water, and let yourself wander freely.  Minimal-footprint guide signs won’t let you get lost, so it’s okay to walk without a destination in mind.

Enjoy your hiking adventures

Hiking is a hobby unlike most others; it’s not a sport you can win or art that you can sell or show off.  It’s entirely personal, and good for your health mentally and physically.  Treat yourself to one of these fantastic hikes at the first chance you can.

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  1. They sound like wonderful walks. I’d love to visit Tennessee.


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