Global 1st discount code: 25% OFF natural eco-friendly gifts

Global 1st discount code 25% OFF natural eco-friendly gifts

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You may have read my post yesterday about how to make more eco-friendly Christmas card choices, and it might have made you think about how to be make greener Christmas gift choices too.

Christmas is a time of mass consumption which is terrible for the planet, but we can make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.

Buy less

Firstly, buy less. Don’t buy for the sake of it. We use the four gift rule in our household for the kids, slightly edited to “something you want, something you need, something to eat, something to read.”

It stops us going overboard with presents and gives them a good variety of gifts. The something they need is usually clothing, like a new pair of pyjamas, underwear or a coat.

For something to eat the kids get some delicious vegan snacks.

Something they want is their choice and usually a toy. Bella has LEGO this year (plastic I know, but it can be resold and never thrown away after use as it holds its value). Reuben has a skateboard and guitar!

And of course, something to read is books. Bella opted for stone age books as it’s her topic at school!

We also make better choices when wrapping Christmas gifts and you can read more about that in this blog post from last year: Eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper #CutTheWrap

Buy natural eco-friendly gifts

To make the best choices when choosing Christmas gifts and opting for a greener Christmas, you need to make some eco-friendly choices when shopping.

Firstly, avoid plastic as much as you can. I really hate Christmas crackers with the rubbish plastic gifts that inevitably end up in landfill a week later! The same with cheap plastic toys that break or are difficult to pass on to be reused when they’re no longer wanted.

Also avoid toiletries packed in excessive plastic and containing harmful chemicals. The same with candles and other smellies. Choose natural beauty products and vegan soy wax candles scented with natural essential oils.

It’s possible to make better choices with gifts when it comes to the packaging and the contents of the gifts to ensure planet friendly choices are made.

Eco-friendly gift ideas + stocking fillers

If you’re wondering where on Earth to start looking for eco-friendly and natural gifts, I have some ideas for you today.

I was very kindly sent a few samples from the Global 1st website who stock loads of gifts to suit your green Christmas needs.

I also have an amazing discount code LR25 for 25% off your purchases!

They currently have free shipping if you spend £20, which is easily done! Both deals combined make a great discount. Do take a look at Global 1st for lots of gift ideas.

Here are some great eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas:

Stunning shopper handbag made with recycled water bottles!

Shopper handbag recycled water bottles fashion eco-friendly gifts
View this shopper and all the other colours and sizes by clicking here! Enter code LR25 for 25% off!

This beautiful shopper is perfect for popping to the local shops to grab a few bits, as a beach bag to throw your shades, suncream and towel in, or even as an everyday bag for sunny days.

I’ve used mine so many times to grab shopping from the local Co-op and even to take my water bottle and towel to gym class.

The best part is they are made with recycled water bottles! Who knew water bottles could be turned into something so beautiful?

There are lots of sizes and colours available to suit all tatses.

These make a great Christmas gift for eco-friendly lovers and haters of plastic waste!

Shop this bag by clicking here! Enter code LR25 for 25% off!

Gorgeous gift set of handmade natural soaps

Natural handmade soap gift set
Click here to view these natural handmade soaps! Enter code LR25 for 25% off!

These pretty soaps come in a gift set of four, packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

They smell divine and are a great gift for gardeners, natural beauty lovers and pretty much anyone as everyone needs to wash their hands, right?!

Click here to view this soap gift set and enter code LR25 for 25% off!

Bamboo straws in pretty batik print pouch

Bamboo drinking straw gift set pouch batik
Click here to shop this beautiful pouch & bamboo straw gift set! Enter code LR25 for 25% off!

Plastic drinking straws are now banned, so this bamboo drinking straw gift set with a pretty batik print pouch is an ideal stocking filler or small gift idea!

They come in a handy pouch to carry them around and a cleaning tool too.

An easy gift idea for all sorts of people, young and old!

Don’t forget to enter code LR25 for 25% off your purchase. Shop the straws by clicking here!

Coconut bowls and spoon set

Coconut bowl and spoon set discount code
Click here to shop the gorgeous coconut bowl and spoon set! Enter code LR25 for 25% off!

I absolutely love these coconut bowls and spoons!

I had already spied them on several Instagram accounts with smoothie bowl recipes and thought they looked so beautiful as a serving dish.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves snapping their food creations on Instagram and for those who love a natural vibe in their homes.

Enter code LR25 for 25% off your purchase and view these beautiful coconut bowls by clicking here!

Global 1st discount code: enter promo code LR25 for 25% off

Get 25% off your Global 1st order with discount code LR25

They currently have free shipping if you spend £20, which is easily done! Both deals combined make a great discount. Do take a look at Global 1st for lots of gift ideas.

Happy shopping!

Click here to shop at Global 1st

Let me know your thoughts here!

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