Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

One thing I’ve always struggled to find is a good natural deodorant and in particular, a zero waste natural deodorant in the UK.

I had recently found a good natural deodorant online, but I had to get it shipped from the US and it came in a plastic roll on dispenser – two things that are not great for the environment.

Keen to find a better deodorant that suited more natural and eco-friendly living, I came across Wild natural deodorant which ticked every box and more!

Read on for my review of Wild deodorant and your £5 off discount code.

Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Zero waste natural deodorant

A new company that has grown exponentially this year with their natural and zero waste deodorants, I was already certain I was going to love this company before even receiving the deodorant!

Both me and my husband signed up for a subscription to each receive an aluminium metal deodorant case and our first deodorant each, then going forward we will cancel Ben’s subscription and share one between us for the deodorant refills.

Yes that’s right.  This natural deodorant has a reusable metal case in which deodorant refills can be inserted to prevent any waste at all.  The case is made from aluminium to protect your deodorant and a small amount of recycled plastic.

The refills come in a bamboo pulp case which is recyclable with paper and cardboard or compostable.  Dispatched in cardboard mailers, there is no plastic waste.

Whilst we have signed up for a subscription to receive deodorant refills every couple of months, you can choose to make one-off purchases from the Wild shop instead.

Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Wild natural deodorant review

We have both been really impressed with the Wild deodorant so far.  I opted for the bergamot scent which has a clean fresh smell.

Ben, my husband, opted for the orange scent which smells so delicious I have actually ordered it for one of my first refill scents.

There are other scents available too – mint, rose and coconut – with more scents in the pipeline.

We could choose our own case colours.  I chose aqua and Ben silver.  Again, there are other colours such as orange and purple with more colours soon to be released.

The aluminium cases look stylish and slick.  Perfect on your bathroom shelf and amazing that they will last and last without needing to throw an empty deodorant bottle away every month!

The zero waste and plastic-free qualities of this deodorant and the refill subscription really attracted me to this brand and I just had to try it out.

Luckily we haven’t been disappointed and are both equally happy with our new deodorant cases and the scents.

The deodorant itself is a solid stick style which so far hasn’t left any marks on my clothes and dried really quickly.  Being oblong shaped it’s the perfect armpit shape too.

We’ve just had our first delivery so far with the case and one refill each, so we’re very new customers.  We’ve been wearing the deodorant for around two weeks now and no complaints.

Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Will Wild natural deodorant stop hyperhidrosis?

I do suffer with hyperhidrosis which is extreme underarm sweating and normal chemical filled deodorants don’t stop it, let alone natural deodorants. So this doesn’t stop hyperhidrosis, but if you have it as bad as me then no natural or mainstream deodorants will stop it.

I don’t want to use chemical filled or aluminium deodorants and especially not strong prescription antiperspirants which I tried years ago as a teen and perhaps in my early twenties and they used to burn so much!

I’ve basically learned the clothes and colours I can wear so it’s not obvious and one day plan to have a treatment called Miradry to resolve it once and for all!

Wild natural deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day and if you’re a normal sweater then it can keep you dry with its tapioca starch ingredient.

Benefits of Wild natural deodorant

  • Reusable case
  • Plastic free refills
  • Zero waste
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Flexible subscription available
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Won’t stain clothes
  • No wet or sticky feeling
  • Smells great!
  • Save money when you refer a friend
Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

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