The top 10 ways UK offices have gone green

It’s all very well us making environmentally-friendly changes at home, but businesses and large corporations need to make changes too.  It always frustrates me how we are scrubbing out finished jars of peanut butter at home ready for the recycling bin, hoping to make a difference, yet there are large businesses creating significantly more waste … Continue reading The top 10 ways UK offices have gone green

The importance of sustainably sourced wood

Wood Create

Understanding where wood comes from should be an important part of any person’s woodworking  journey, whether it’s for a professional job, a DIY project or home improvement, it’s important to ensure it’s from a sustainable source.  In this blog post I will explore what sustainable wood is, which wood should be avoided and why choosing sustainable wood is important.

When I first started out in woodworking I was mainly using reclaimed materials, but for those materials I need to buy, I put little or no thought into where they were coming from.  It was too easy to go and buy wood from a local retailer without any understanding or thought of the journey that wood had taken to get there.

As a family we are quite environmentally conscious.  We buy mostly organic food, buy 100% renewable energy from Bulb, have solar panels on our roof and recycle /…

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