10 ways to stay healthy in the autumn

Autumn is here which is also, unfortunately, the time of the year we start to suffer with colds and sniffles.  We are also less inclined to get outdoors as it’s simply too cold!  We’d much rather be wrapped up warm under a fluffy throw with a log burner on and a cocoa warming our hands.  Even though that leaves a dreamy image in our heads and we can do it lots this season, it’s still so important to stay fit and healthy in the fall.  This will ensure we stand a good chance of not catching a cold or at least fighting off any germs that come our way, much quicker.

Here are 10 ways to ensure you stay healthy in the autumn:

Wrap up warm

One sure fire way to get a cold, well for me anyway, is by going outdoors in unsuitable clothing.   If I feel the chill, then I catch a chill!  It’s time to start wearing more layers to ensure we are warm enough and not covered in goose-bumps the entire time we are outdoors (and indoors).

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Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies

Particularly in season ones.  Luckily the veggies in season in autumn in the UK are perfect for making a hearty warming soup; butternut squash, carrots, leeks, onion, parsnip and potato.  Delicious!  It’s as though they are in season for this very reason!  Apples, blackberries and pears are also ripe for picking and boosting our vitamin levels to keep us healthy.


If it’s starting to get too nippy to run outdoors, then go to the gym instead.  Find local classes of Zumba, yoga, dance or whatever you enjoy, to see you through the winter months and to keep you active.  Regular exercise will give you more energy, burn calories, help maintain a healthy weight, boost your mood and ensure you sleep better at night.

Get outdoors

Though being cold might not be on your agenda, simply wrap up warm and go for a brisk autumn walk as much as possible – once per day if you can.  Fresh air, natural light and simply being outdoors are great for the mind, body and soul!  Being indoors too much during the colder seasons can start to get us down.  Someone once said to me there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

Dry your hair

One thing I am guilty of is going outdoors with wet hair on the school run!  Whilst it can be refreshing to not dry hair after a shower in the summer, it can bring on the chills in the winter months – brrr!  Try to schedule enough time in the morning to dry hair or wash it at night instead and dry it next to the fire – dreamy!

Talk to friends

It can be tempting to lock yourself away and hibernate for a few months, but make sure you stay in touch with friends and family, especially those who motivate and inspire you.  There’s nothing better than human interaction and a good talk with a good friend for boosting our moods.

Take a natural vitamin and mineral supplement

Vitamin D is particularly important in the UK in the winter as we don’t always get enough sunlight to produce enough ourselves.  I take a wholefood natural vitamin and mineral supplement by which contains vitamin D3, suitable for vegans.  Be careful to only take wholefoods based vitamins and not synthetic versions.  I also take mine as it contains vitamin B12 which is useful as I’m a vegan and so if my body absorbs any of the other vitamins or minerals contained in the capsule, then it’s simply a bonus.  At this time of year it can be good to ensure all vitamins and minerals are sufficiently topped up!

Up your superfoods

Eating superfoods rich in antioxidants is good at any time of the year, but in the colder months they will help to boost your immune system and ward off illness.  I love a handful of organic spirulina tablets each morning to keep me in check.  I also regularly add superfood powders to smoothies as an easy way to boost vitamins, minerals and antioxidant levels.

Drink plenty of water

I never feel like drinking as much water when the temperature outside is cooler, but it’s a good idea to maintain the same levels as the summer months.  Water enables us to flush toxins out of our body and stay suitably hydrated.  It’s also great for making us feel more awake and keeping our brains hydrated, so if you’re feeling a little sluggish mid-afternoon then try a glass of chilled water instead of automatically reaching for that coffee.

Sleep lots

It’s now easier than ever to get enough sleep with darker mornings and the night’s drawing in.  Sleep in so powerful for our mental and physical wellbeing.  It allows our bodies to rejuvenate and repair from the stresses of the day, so enough sleep will also help protect us from illness.

Autumn is here and there’s no better time of the year to ensure we are taking charge of our health and wellbeing.


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